Zid Ya Bouzid!

Great news!  Slim has a new book out and he will present it in Algiers this coming Monday.

Ali Dilem is the current star of Algerian cartoonists, but I would argue that across generations Slim probably remains the favorite since he started sharing his drawings with us in the late sixties. It would take too long to go over Slim’s long and illustrious career, but the  video below gives a nice overview of his work. It was produced a couple of years ago when Slim made a presentation at UCLA.

There are multiple ways of getting acquainted with Slim’s work. One can visit his website (which could use some spring sprucing) or even buy some of his work online at Lulu. For a bit of background on what Slim went through see here and here.

A few months ago Slim received a special tribute during the Algiers comics festival. American cartoonist Daryl Cagle was in Algiers on that occasion and he reported from there.

It’s interesting to a see a cartoon book come with a preface by Yasmina Khadra the current star among Algerian writers.  I’ll come back to that when I get a chance to get my hands on Slim’s new opus.

In case you wonder, “Zid Ya Bouzid!” is a common Algerian expression that translates roughly as “move or march forward”. It was also the title of Slim’s most successful series on the adventures of his (and our) hero Bouzid.


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One response to “Zid Ya Bouzid!

  1. Very good news indeed. Thanks for letting us know.
    I am a bouzidist, and seeing El-Menchar in the video brings back some good memories.

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