Red tape, weapons and a New York-Algiers flight

David Pearce, U.S. Ambassador in Algeria, met recently with journalists from the Algerian press at the U.S. embassy in Algiers. El Watan, El Khabar, Liberte, L’Expression, and APS were present.  Interestingly, the published accounts of the meeting highlight very different parts of the discussion. The stories in El Watan( in French) and L’Expression(in French) focus on the ambassador’s remarks on red tape at the customs and the lack of transparency in the rules and regulations for foreign businesses. El Khabar(in Arabic) prefers to concentrate on the issues of sales of weapons. The ambassador talks about Algerian hesitations about the restrictions imposed by the U.S. on the sales of weapons. According to the article, Algeria wants to buy night vision goggles, sophisticated radars and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). The three papers also report about ongoing discussions, according to the ambassador, to reach an open skies agreement that would lead to a direct New York-Algiers flight.


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  1. Fazilet

    Dommage qu’on parle toujours d’acheter des armes et non du matériel médical.

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