CRB wins cup!

This week-end I am celebrating! On Thursday my favorite Algerian soccer team, CRB (Chabab Riadhi Belouizdad, the team from Belouizdad a neighborhood of Algiers) has won the Algerian cup for the 6th time in its history. They played CABBA the team from Bordj Bou Arreridj. From the reports I read, it was not a great game. It ended in a 0-0 tie after extra time and CRB won 2-1 on penalty kicks. Lots of misses, but the weather was hot and after 2 hours the players must have been tired. But who cares? In a cup final winning is the most important thing.  Videos and pictures from the game can be seen here. CRB is also on Facebook here.


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  1. Azzz

    wach men belwizdad? Chabab Bilcourt Belle court Belcourt, depuis footbal li rentri sur algi. Ni li turcs, ni les zarabes ni les tamazgha on inventi le footbal
    Alle tu gagnes. Viva Belcourt

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