First-time visitors are often surprised by the variety of landscapes Algeria has to offer. Many of them imagine arriving in a desert country and do not expect the succession of beaches, mountains, high plains, and desert one quickly encounters while traveling due south from the Mediterranean coast.  Algerian photographers have been eager to share the beauty of their land on the web, so here a few sites I suggest you visit  to catch a glimpse of what you can expect when you get there.

  • Mohamed Harireche I start with this collection to thank Mohamed for the picture I am using in the header of this blog.  His collection includes landscapes from different regions of the country, but he also takes interesting pictures of people.
  • Elias Filali This is a rich and  comprehensive collection that seems to include pictures from just about every corner of Algeria. It has a nice gallery dedicated to Algier’s Casbah.
  • Abdelkhalek Labbize. This another extensive collection that will let you appreciate the diversity of Algerian landscapes. Updates are fairly frequent. He just posted a series of pictures at a newly re-opened park in Algiers “Jardin d’essais.”

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